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As concerns about COVID-19, the Coronavirus, continue, we are following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (NHDHHS).

We are taking precautions to help keep staff and patients safe and healthy. These include screenings for patients and staff, enhanced sanitation and sterilization protocols and procedures, and a heightened vigilance regarding changes occurring daily. Conversations are ongoing with our Board of Directors, Medical Director, and Medical  Services Team, regarding the current situation.

We will continue to serve those in need of our services as long as doing so does not pose risk to the public’s health or the community at large.

Appointments will require a pre-screening at the time the appointment is made, as well as a screening prior to entering Options ( several questions and a temperature check). Additionally, patients are being asked to have no more than one person accompany them to their appointment. If accompanied, that person will also be screened prior to entry. We will only provide services to patients who have been screened and present none of the risk factors established by the CDC. Additionally, children and the elderly are unable to enter Options at this time, as our intention is to mitigate risk to the best of our ability.

COVID-19 has brought about challenging and uncertain times, but we will continue to be here for you. Thank you for understanding, and do not hesitate to contact Options with any questions or concerns.

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