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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers on medical and surgical abortion procedures

how much does an abortion cost?

Abortion costs are determined by several ​​factors, including but not limited to:

  • Type of abortion - Vacuum aspiration, D&C or D&E are the most common types of procedures 

  • Gestation (how far along you are)

  • Single or multiple pregnancies 

At your appointment, you can learn more about your legal rights and options for pregnant women in  New Hampshire and Southern York County, Maine. Although we do not provide abortions, we can help you determine how far along you are so you can make a fully informed choice and determine your next step.

how much is a pre-abortion screening?

All our services are provided at no cost to you and we do not require proof of insurance.

What is the abortion pill?

The Abortion Pill is two drugs taken in two separate doses. Another name for the abortion pill is a medical or chemical abortion.​ The abortion pill can cost anywhere between $450-$800. 

Is a surgical abortion easier than a medical abortion?

If you are in your first trimester, you have the option of a medication/medical abortion (the abortion pill) or an abortion procedure. Both choices have health risks and side-effects. Before you decide, you should discuss your medical history and any health conditions with a doctor or nurse.

when is the latest I can get an abortion? 

At your appointment, we can answer all your questions about late-term abortion procedures and give you information and resources for pregnancy options in your third trimester.



We provide education on abortion pills and procedures and all your pregnancy options. We do not refer for or perform terminations and we do not financially benefit from any decision you make.

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